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Pitsco Education

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Who is Pitsco Education?


Pitsco began in 1971 as not much more than a product flyer and a handful of kits and curriculum. But an unwavering focus on innovative solutions and great customer service has grown a weekend endeavor into a multifaceted corporation with thousands of products and 200 employees. And while time and success have changed Pitsco’s appearance, every division, product, and employee is dedicated to learner success. We serve more than eight million students each year.

Catalog Division delivers innovative products for STEM classrooms


Student success drives Pitsco Education to invent new kits, develop teacher guides, and create tools for the classroom that engage and inspire learners. The company helps students succeed by offering a robust array of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) classroom solutions. Our annual Big Book catalog – with more than 350 pages of STEM kits, products, and hands-on activities – has become a favorite of many teachers.


Curriculum Division provides project-based curriculum for the 21st-century learner


Pitsco Education is the leading provider of age-appropriate, student-centered K-12 learning solutions. Our standards-based K-12 curriculum promotes student success through positive and challenging learning experiences. Our curriculum combines relevant hands-on activities and a team-based, student-directed learning environment to deliver core courses and career skills in STEM.

Contact information


For the most current information about Pitsco Education and the mark they are making in education across the country, visit the News Room.



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