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Music Video

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Music videos are challenging, but very fun to make. YouTube is filled with someone's attempt to make a good music video to a favorite song. If it's basically a video, what makes it so challenging? Well for one thing, syncing the music to actions in the video can be very time consuming. Music videos require that you have a thorough understanding of the timeline and how to manipulate your video to show a particular action at a precise place in the music.


Pink Floyd - Learning to Fly



Rocky Raccoon - The Beatles

Very well done music video to the Beatles' song, Rocky Raccoon.


Software We'll Be Using

iPad Video App


Audacity or Adobe Soundbooth


Tips on Making a Music Video

How to Create Your Own Music Video - Here's a good guide for making your own music video. It's short, easy to follow, and covers just about everything you will need to know about making a great music video.


8 Ways to Make a Music Video - Another good guide for making sure you cover all of the steps in making your own music video.


Our Projects

Instructions for Making a Music Video - Here are the instructions for your Music Video project. Download them and read them over until you completely understand what is needed for this project. If you have any questions, ask them. Don't wait until the project is due to ask your questions. You should also download a copy of the rubric.


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