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Scratch Final Projects

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We've finished Scratch and the final projects are done. We had some really outstanding games and utilities created. Students worked individually or in teams to create a final project that highlighted what they had learned about the program over the previous two weeks. 


This is just a sampling of the outstanding work that was turned in. In some cases, we may have had trouble with the project, but what we have is well worth showcasing. Here they are, final Scratch projects from Hill Country Middle School and West Ridge Middle School 7th and 8th graders.


You will need to download and install Scratch in order to view the projects. Scratch is a free program available for Windows, Macintosh & Linux computers. It can be downloaded at http://scratch.mit.edu.




Ethan & Ricky


Morgan & Reagan

Shareef & Teak

James & Kilbourne


Justin & Justin

Liam & Jacob

Adam, Peyton & Keaton

Rohit & Damien

Sarah & Jennifer

Aiden & Brooklyn


Rahul & Justin



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